I’m writing this on an airplane! Technology is amazing. And we’re on our way to the USA.

Cant say we’re happy about that, exactly… Poland is wonderful, and anyway all our friends are headed back to Budapest without us. Alas, ‘merica calls (for now.) 

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Update: We did a thing

When we last left you, dear readers, I had explained that we weren’t doing anything worthy of blog posting and that you shouldn’t expect much out of us. We’ve more or less lived up to that claim, but miraculously, with 5 days to go, we did something tangible that we can tell you about! Yay! So that’s what I’m here to do.

Actually it’s really more of a string of events, so I’ll go from the instigating event (oooh, drama!): we left Budapest. That time, money, and brain draining sinkhole, Budapest… A magical place that we miss every day, and that’s all we can legally say on the subject. We left and went to Bratislava for a day on our treck back towards Poland. Bratislava is a picturesque city with some delectable art noveau architecture (Jaymie has some pics, I think she’ll put them up soon? Jay?) “Eurotrip” lies, don’t listen to that misogynistic Hollywood filth.

Then we took a second day trip to Vienna, another city we visited last year and an excellent connection point between Poland and Bratislava. That beautiful butterfly house still stands so we of course made our way straight there. Then we lounged in the sun, stumbled into a friend from Krakow/Budapest, walked around admiring the city and the delicious sausages, looked at pretty things, and saw my new fave summer blockbuster “Mad Max: Fury Road” in my fave Viennese cinema. A great day.

After Vienna we night bussed our way to the capital of Poland, Warsaw, which is, like, nice.

Yeah, its OK… Visiting cultural capital and all around cool city Krakow first was probably a mistake, as Warsaw really pales in comparison, but I understand why it is the way it is. A real cityman’s city. Small Old Town, a couple of big shopping centers and shiny glass offices in the distance. Happens. Also the royal palace is kinda lame but ya can’t be upset with a modest king.

So since we booked a night longer than we should have in this nice enough city we decided we needed a little naturaleza to balance things out. See, we were supposed to go hiking in the Tatra mountains on our way to Poland but it’s freaking long and hard to get to the good places by bus, and our side trip to Hungary left us worrying about getting out of the mountains in time to catch our flight from the northern city of Gdansk. Big mistake. Nonetheless, we realized we had to settle for a national park outside of Warsaw for some hiking time. Turns out said national park consists of walking trails woven through a suburban neighborhood, so we basically spent two hours admiring middle class Polish residences. Woohoo.

And that’s pretty much where we’re at. We considered sucking it up and hitting the Tatras despite the 7 hour bus ride, but instead we’re heading to Posnan, which apparently boasts some good hiking as well, though we’re not quite sure where. After that, Gdansk, and then the slog home.

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Ok, ok, ok, for real.

Hey there, folks. We realize we’ve done a bad thing: we re-opened the blog and hyped it a bunch only to offer a mere handful of lame posts that say nothing, and we haven’t even put up any good pics. Sorry about that. But unfortunately the next 12 days will probably be equally postless. I’m writing this in the hopes you’ll understand why.

This trip has been supremely people oriented. We’ve seen some stuff, yeah, and enjoyed some sights, but for the most part we’ve been hanging with good people in cities we’ve already sight-seen; 3 of the 5 cities we’ve been to so far we visited last year. And it’s been a blast, really, but not made up of any decent blog post events, aside from LHPH and the sweat suit and the zoo. All our posts would be “today we ate with people and then chilled some more and then danced a little,” which is just not good drama, so we hope you can forgive us as we continue on our anti-documentarian trip. We love you and will supply stories when we get back to the states.

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A lil’ interlude in Budapest, mostly explained

We werent going to Budapest, but we got here? And that’s traveling, y’all. 


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Sorry for the delay. 

We left the loving arms of the Little Havana Party Hostel in Poland and moved to the Grandio Party down in Budapest, Hungary. We’ve been hanging around Hungary for the past couple of days because we loved Budapest last year and we were offered a ride down here with a friend we met in Poland. We’re going to go caving again before we leave the city and make our way back up towards Poland. 

Sorry there haven’t been many pictures posted, but we’ve both seen these cities already and don’t really want to take the camera out if we don’t have to. 

We’re not sure what our next city is going to be or where we’re staying tonight, but that’s all part of the fun. 

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Post Title

Today we went to Auschwitz and I cried. 

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Alex buys a sweat suit and discovers Cuba (?)

Ah, yes. It’s that time, folks, that time long awaited by no one but my mom, probably. It’s time for an Alex blog post.

I only have two updates of any significance, but both are important enough to warrant this blog post, so.

Part 1: The (not so) surprising allure of a good sweat suit

I was cold, so naturally I took time out of my kielbasa-filled day to get not cold. The wonders of an H&M tagged in Polish zloty unfolded before me, and I was soon drowning in warm cosy things, the cheapest being a grey zip up sweatshirt. Sitting next to it on the shelf, a pair of grey sweatpants….

Flash forward a couple of cosy days and the fact that we hadn’t done laundry since we left proved an excellent excuse for “welp, just another sweatsuit day!” They just never look wrinkled, ya know? Needless to say, Jaymie is ashamed and I’ve lost all self respect. Poland is cold, darn it.

We just hit th laundromat, though, so my shameless sweat suit days might be coming to a close, depending on how vocal Jay gets.

Part 2: Capitalism brings Cuba to southern Poland

Being living organisms, Jaymie and I need adequate shelter to survive the harsh Polish late spring. And boy oh boy did we hit we jackpot in Krakow (oh, I think I forgot to mention that we’re not in Wroclaw anymore. Well.) Our ever-enlightening hostel booking website hooked us up with the creme-de-la-creme of budget accommodation: the Little Havana Party Hostel. Yep, that’s right. We’re staying at–once more, for emphasis– the Little Havana Party Hostel. And these guys are hilariously insistent that they /can/ and /will/ bring a Havana vibe to this frozen wasteland. Afro-Cuban Jazz and mojitos abound, heck, they say “hola” when they buzz you into the building, and none of the staff even speak Spanish. Idk, it’s weird? But also somehow comforting.

We’ve got a couple more days in the arms of Little Havana (or whatever that company’s parent company is) so more to come.

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I suppose I could write a post while I sit here and drink my coffee. 

As I’m sure you’re all already aware of, we’re in Poland. More specifically we’re in Wroclaw. We arrived on Monday and when we eventually found our hostel they told us they messed up something with the reservation. Because of this we got a giant room for really cheap on the fourth floor away from all the obnoxious youths that sound like they run up and down the stairs for fun. 

Tuesday we finally found a money exchange and now we’re rolling in dough (I wish) because the euro to zloty exchange rate is amazing. It was a nice day (it wasn’t raining) so we walked around and saw various gnomes hidden throughout the city, picturesque architecture, and multiple statues throughout the city. We went into a few museums that had the exhibit “Test Exposure”, which I thought was brilliant. 

Yesterday rained. All day. It never let up. We slept in because when we woke up and saw the rain we thought maybe it would stop if we went back to bed. We had some ice cream and purchased a new SD card for Alex’s camera. We went on a free walking tour through the Jewish quarter of the city. And last, but certainly not least, we saw The Barber of Seville. An opera for simply five dollars a ticket. 

Now today, we are doing another walking tour through the old town. Our bus for Kraków leaves at four so we will have a few hours to aimlessly walk around some more. 

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what a beaut. 

We survived camping two nights in the cold! The ground was pretty hard and I now have a bruise but it was fun! We did a free walking tour of the old city and learned a lot about the history of prague. We walked around on our own and made sure Alex had her fill of sausages filled with cheese. We went to the zoo yesterday and saw a ton of baby animals…and a lot of penguins. 

We’re on a bus to Wroclaw, Poland now. And we’ll be in Poland for the next three weeks. 

That’s basically it… I’ve had a lot of coffee but that’s not really any different than America. 

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So today (well actually yesterday because I never finished posting anything) 

YESTERDAY was awesome. Many of you have probably seen the pictures of Alex and I circulating the Facebook. And by circulating I only mean there are three picture of us so if you wanna check my Facebook, feel free. We hiked in the Swiss Alps yesterday! We were standing in Germany and looking out at Austria and Switzerland at the same time. It was really foggy so the views could have been better, but it was still amazing. There was a point I couldn’t go any higher because I chickened out, but Alex and Hussain continued all the way up.  


I almost made it, but I didn’t wanna trust the wire with my life. So I sat in peace listening to bees and admiring the tiny flowers along the path.  We hiked for about two hours before going down again. It rained on and off so it was perfect weather to do excessive exercise. 

  Hussain is a pretty cool guy. He’s originally from Egypt and he works as an automotive engineer for BMW. He showed us around the outskirts of Munich and we ate and watched some movies. 

We had a lot of trouble finding a ride to Prague for today because everyone’s cars were all booked up. Finally we found a bus for pretty cheap, but we’ll be getting there pretty late tonight. We’re staying in a campground over the weekend and it’s supposed to be really nice weather so I’m pretty pumped. We both loved Prague last year, so we’re both really excited to go back. 

Until the next time I have wifi! 

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